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Why do young people today listen to crap?

All the pop artist today are all making millions of dollars selling absolute rubbish. Why do kids buy it? When I was in my early teens etc bands like metallica and ACDC and before I was even born Led Zeppelin and Beatles made songs that meant something and actually sounded good. Now Im not that old. Im still in my twenties so Im not an old whinger. Its just western music is at an all time low in my opinion. Does anyone actually think in 40 or 30 or even 10 years from now radio’s will still be playing the crap thats from this era? Look at Stairway to Heaven. Best song ever made. 40 years on and still being turned up on radio stations around the world. Where will this Justin Bieber be in 40 years? Still spending the money his made selling **** while everyone who ever paid for it will have a long forgotten who he even is or be embarrassed to admit they do. Its true. Now why do you not have any taste kids?
Am I old? Im 29. My point is that the crap I grew up with is still being played often. Metallica concerts sell out in the space of minutes now and they still playing the same crap I grew up with. ACDC sold out and played the biggest concert in history this year playing songs about 20 years old. Who’s gonna be at a Justin Bieber concert in 20 years from now. Haha. Your generation has missed the whole scene and you dont even care. Enjoy your prancy poser lip sync fake crap. Ill stick to the old music that only old people like me appreciate.

Asked by:Scott


  1. BrĂ¼no says:

    dang nabbit, all the darn young people, with their hip techno music.

    Led Zeppelin and the Beatles are crap! In my day, we used to listen to Beethoven and Chopin.

  2. Jack Hillburg says:

    Because nowadays music is consumed with illuminati…. check it out

  3. Burnttoast407 says:

    and you’re the 1st person to realize that! nobody in history said that today’s music is garbage yet except for you!

  4. Destroyer of Dumbasses says:

    Cuz most kids today don’t have minds of their own. They are too worried about bein like their buddies or whatever.

  5. el domingo got suspended for no says:

    I had a terrible moment when I asked my daughter why she listened to such rubbish that all sounds the same, and was struck that my father had said the same thing to me twenty years before.

  6. islandchick216 says:

    ever think that maybe thats how your parent felt back in the day? every new music era is not going to be accepted by the previous. oh hey and, no i dont think 20 years from now they’ll be playing stuff from now a days, there probably just gonna drop it like they did to your old music.

  7. Kamarei says:

    Why do old people always say younger people ****?

  8. Raytown says:

    I think we all listened to bad music when we were young, i know i did
    your taste changes when your older

  9. Emily Jones says:

    I’m 12 and two of my favourite singers are Kylie Minogue and Madonna. Are they crap?

    I have been told many times that I have no taste in music, because my all time favourite singer is Christina Aguilera. I don’t know what you think of that though :P

    Most people I meet tend to think that Christina Aguilera is crap.

    Emily x

    PS I **** JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!!!!!

  10. SMOKE IT!! says:

    Its total crap..The kids of today have no imagination and are like sheep….one follows, the rest follow.
    I saw this young guy, looked and dressed like a tough dude, with an Ipod singing in a high pitched voice to Justin Beiber. ***???
    Shame shame shame!!!

  11. Hannah says:

    It all sounds the same. I hardly ever listen to pop music, but if the radio is playing it seems to me to be the same songs with differnt words.

  12. Dr. John Liverspoon III says:

    Because if they smell the crap, they won’t like it.

  13. Colin defender of the rock faith says:

    Blame the greedy music executives and labels who treat artists and bands like product for why today’s music is crap!

    It seems like when something is successful,the industry wants wants about a 100 more of it,I’ll give you a few examples:

    In the late 1950′s when you had guys like Frankie Avalon,Fabian,or Bobby Vinton,suddenly every record label had to have a Frankie,a Bobby,or a Fabian and thus the industry over saturated the market with teen idols(thank god for The British Invasion)

    In the early 1960′s with the success of acts like The Beach Boys and Jan and Dean,suddenly every record label was either trying to find a surf rock act,create a surf rock act or they were trying to make the acts they already had sound surf rock and again the market was over saturated.

    When The Beatles 1st became successful in England,every British label was sending A and R men to Liverpool thinking it was a gold mine for talent,in fact at that point it was safe to say if you had a “scouse”accent,you’d probably get a record contract,hell even Ringo’s old band(Rory Storm and the Hurricanes)was signed.The reality was a lot of these bands went nowhere,I think largely due to over saturation!

    In 1964,when the British Invasion happened,suddenly record companies were looking for groups that either sounded British or had names that sounded British and again they proceeded to over saturate the market with British Invasion sound and look alikes!

    In 1965,when the folk rock of groups like Dylan and The Byrds became successful,all of a sudden you had record companies either trying to find folk rock bands and artists or trying to make the acts they already had sound folk rock.An example of this is the American version of Rubber Soul,Capitol Records deliberately tweaked it the way they did(ie taking out songs like Drive My Car,If I Needed Someone,Nowhere Man,and What Goes On and putting in songs like I’ve Just Seen A Face and It’s Only Love)because they were trying to make Rubber Soul into a folk rock album.

    In the 1970′s when disco came out all of a sudden you either had labels looking for disco artists or bands or you’d have labels pressuring their already established artists to make disco related material.Like from about 1978 and 1979 when you had established rock acts like Rod Stewart,The Rolling Stones,Blondie,The Beach Boys,and ELO among others all cut disco songs.

    In the 1980′s with the success of songs like Open Arms and Waiting for a Girl Like You,suddenly it seemed like every label was pressuring its acts to do a power ballad,now I have nothing against power ballads,but when it seemed like you couldn’t swing a dead cat without hitting one.Again,the industry is guilty if over saturating the market and people got sick of it!

    In the early 1990′s,when Nirvana became successful,it seemed like every record company in America went to Seattle,hoping to find “the next Nirvana”,chances are if you were either from Seattle or wore flannel,you got a record contract and again the industry over saturated the market!

    Then there were the boy bands of the late 1990′s,again the industry is guilty of over saturating the market because once The Backstreet Boys and NSYNC became successful,suddenly every label had to have their own Backstreet Boys and would go out and find guys to fit the bill!

    Need I go on…

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