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What songs do i still need to get to have every R.E.M. song EVER?

Please go through these, It has become one of my life goals to have every song made by the greatest band ever! :P

I have:
Ages Of You
All The Way To Reno (You’re Gonna Be A Star)
The Apologist
Around The Sun
The Ascent Of Man
At My Most Beautiful
Auctioneer (Another Engine)
Bang And Blame
Be Mine
Beat A Drum
Begin The Begin
Binky The Doormat
Bittersweet Me
Boy In The Well
Burning Down
Burning Hell
Can’t Get There From Here
Carnival Of Sorts (Boxcars)
Chorus And The Ring
Circus Envy
Country Feedback
Crush With Eyeliner
Disturbance at the Heron House
(Don’t Go Back To) Rockville
Dream (All I Have To Do)
Driver 8
E-bow The Letter
Electron Blue
Everybody Hurts
Exhuming McCarthy
Fall On Me
Falls To Climb
Feeling Gravity’s Pull
Femme Fatale
Final Straw
Find the River
Finest Worksong
The Flowers Of Guatemala
Gardening At Night (live)
Get Up
Good Advices
Green Grow The Rushes
Half A World Away
High Speed Train
Hollow Man
Horse To Water
How The West Was Won And Where It Got Us
I’ll Take The Rain
I’ve Been High
I Believe
I Don’t Sleep, I Dream
I Remember California
I Took Your Name
I Wanted To Be Wrong
I’m Gonna Dj
Imitation Of Life
It’s the End of the World as We Know It (And I Feel Fine)
Just A Touch
King of Birds
King Of Comedy
King Of The Road
Last Date
Leaving New York
Let Me In
Letter Never Sent
Life And How To Live It
The Lifting
Lightnin’ Hopkins
Little America
Living Well Is The Best Revenge
Losing My Religion
Low Desert
Make It All Ok
Man-Sized Wreath
Man on the Moon
Maps And Legends
Me In Honey
Monty Got a Raw Deal
Moral Kiosk
Mr. Richards
Near Wild Heaven
New Orleans Instrumental No 1
New Test Leper
Oddfellows Local 151
Old Man Kensey
The One I Love
Orange Crush
The Outsiders
Pale Blue Eyes
Perfect Circle
Pop Song 89
Pretty Persuasion
Radio Free Europe
Radio Song
Rotary Ten
Sad Professor
Saturn Return
Second Guessing
Shaking Through
She Just Wants To Be
Shiny Happy People
The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite
Sing For The Submarine
Sitting Still
So Fast, So Numb
So. Central Rain
Star 69
Star Me Kitten
Strange Currencies
Summer Turns To High
Supernatural Superserious
Swan Swan H
Swan Swan H (acoustic version)
Sweetness Follows
Talk About The Passion
There She Goes Again
These Days
Time After Time (Annelise)
Tired Of Singing Trouble
Toys In The Attic
Try Not to Breathe
Turn You Inside-Out
Underneath The Bunker
Until The Day Is Done
Untitled (This World Is Big)
Voice Of Harold
The Wake Up Bomb
Walk Unafraid
Walters Theme
We Walk
Welcome to the Occupation
Wendell Gee
West of The Fields
What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?
What If We Give It Away?
Why Not Smile
Wolves, Lower
World Leader Pretend
The Worst Joke Ever
The Wrong Child
You’re In The Air
You Are The Everything
7 Chinese Bros.

Asked by:Jordan

Questions about episodes from Liberty City?

If anyone has bought the game and can answer these questions i would be grateful!

1. If you purchase the downloadable content (dlc) can you still play the original GTA IV?
2. If you purchase the dlc, can you play online with people who have bought the disc?
3. If you purchase the dlc, and you share the game with your brother’s PS3 upstairs, can you both play at the same time online?
4. If you purchase the disc, do you still have all the old radio stations, etc?
5. Can you play Lost and Damned online with people who are playing Ballad of *** Tony?

Thank you all in advance.

Asked by:Mangs

Should the government or Area 51 expose the truth to us about what has really been going on?

Area 51 is situated in the southwestern portion of Lincoln County in southern Nevada in the western United States. A large military airfield is situated at its center. This center is known as the most secretive places in the world. Although, the base’s primary purpose as explained by the authorities is to support development and testing of experimental aircraft and weapons systems, there are thousands of people who do not believe this story.

The intense secrecy surrounding the base, the very existence of which the US Government barely acknowledges, together with reports of unusual phenomena has led it to become the frequent subject of conspiracy theories and UFO folklore. There are many stories circulating around on Area 51 – most of them are about UFOs and aliens. I have tried to compile some of the unconventional activities claimed to be underway at Area 51. I have also included some supposed proofs in favor of these claims. Let me know if I have left some other ideas out of this hub.


1. Alien spacecraft storage: Storage, examination, and reverse engineering of crashed alien spacecraft

2. Study of aliens: Examination of dead aliens that came in UFOs and interrogation of living aliens

3. Manufacture of aircraft based on alien technology

4. Meetings or joint undertakings with extraterrestrials

5. Energy weapons: Development of exotic energy weapons said to be many times deadlier

6. Weather control: Established means of weather control or experiments undergoing over it

7. Time travel: Establishedmeans of time travel ordevelopment of time travel technology

8. Aurora aircraft: Development of unusual and exotic propulsion systems related to the Aurora Aircraft Program (a cutting age spy plane)

9. Politics and secret society: Activities related to a supposed shadowy one world government and/or the Majestic Twelve organization (A secret committee of scientists, military leaders, and government officials, supposedly formed in 1947 by an executive order of U.S. President Harry S. Truman to investigate UFO activity)

10. Simulation of moon’s environment: In 2000-2001, Fox Television broadcast a show about Apollo moon landing hoax accusations, in which it was suggested that the entire moon landing in 1969 was a hoax and was filmed in parts of Area 51

11. Misdirection attempt: During the mid 1990s, the most secret work previously done in Area 51 was quietly moved to other facilities and the continued secrecy around is largely a successful attempt at misdirection


1. In 1989, Bob Lazar claimed that he had worked at a facility at Papoose Lake (which he called S-4) on such a U.S. Government flying saucer

2. The 1996 documentary Dreamland directed by Bruce Burgess included an interview with a 71 year old mechanical engineer who claimed to be a former employee at Area 51 during the 1950s, working on a “flying disc simulator” built to train US Pilots, based on a disc originating from a crashed extraterrestrial craft. During his career at Area 51 he claimed to have worked with an extraterrestrial being whose name was “J-Rod”, described as a telepathic translator

3. Dan Burisch (real name, Dan Crain) claims to have worked on cloning alien viruses at Area 51, also with the alien “J-Rod”

4. In July 1996, a man named “Victor” announced on Art Bell’s Coast to Coast AM radio show that he had a videotape of an alien interrogation which had taken place in Area 51. He claimed that he had made a copy of the tape during a scheduled transfer of analogue videotape files on the base into digital form, and had then smuggled the copy out of Area 51. The video appears to show the head of an alien creature in a dark interrogation room, allegedly using telepathy to communicate with military personnel and scientists. The footage was eventually included in a video documentary entitled Area 51: The Alien Interview

Asked by:Gottcha go

anxiety to psychotic episode to idk what?

This is about an 18 year old male, who in good health is 100 lbs.

-born premature
-gets B12 shots every month, because of necrotizing entercolitis
-oral surgery to remove wisdom teeth and a growth on his tongue; used a general anesthesia and was given follow up meds(Ibuprofen, amoxicillin, and methylprednisolone)

Day after surgery:
-insomnia (he didn’t sleep at all)
-had to settle for a liquid for his mouth to heal, but then began to lose his appetite completely… when he did try to eat, he made ****** expressions that made it seem as though its flavor was unpleasant, but this could be due to the sores
-grew paranoid over his health and insisted on getting multiple tests done, but tests showed no unusual results

Next Day:
-he had lost 9 lbs since surgery. It was to the point where sit was uncomfortable on his tailbone… and this worried him.
-continuation of symptoms above
-discontinued surgery meds, because we felt that he might’ve been having a bad reaction to it

Day 3:
- same as above
-began going around to his friends and family, saying “I love you” in a sad/fearful manner
-pacing around and showing signs of much anxiety

Later that night:
-went up to his brother and said “this is the night, I’m going to die”
-began to have a psychotic episode:
~began to cry
~told us to stay away from him, get out of the house, “get away from me, I might hurt you”, “im going to die”… later…”are the cops coming?”, “don’t do it”, “don’t kill me”… etc…. he was trying to make himself vomit… was making a “dry heave” noise??… like metal music… etc black metal growl noise… ???
~was dragging himself around the room… and at a certain time, was trying to bang his head against the wall
~still no sleep that night

Day 4:
-seemed to have calmed down
-took him to a psychiatrist, and he got nervous…
-difficulty communicating
-blank stare, but responded to his name…
-said he wasn’t hearing voices when we asked
-stiffened up when nervous
-wanted to go home, repeated it, continuously asked “where am i?”..
-responded only to the family and closer friends
-psychiatrist suggested to take him to a college psych hospital
Car ride to ER:
-one of his favorite songs came on the radio, and he started to dance… and began to act like he was at a party and started to get excited and told us to dance with him… we got excited and started to play along… this lasted until the music was turned off… immediately after the music was shut off, he calmed down and was quiet again.

-nervous… stiff… but able to play tetris on gameboy…
-was given benadryl and atavan(sp?) and calmed down to the point where he could explain to us that he remembers everything. Described the past few days as a dream, explaining that the dream was vivid and at times he even thought of himself as an alien…
-while talking, he seemed to be normal, but a little nervous about being in the ER and was acting a little loopy… possibly due to the meds or the fact that he still hasn’t slept at all…
-psych evaluation member came to evaluate his mental state… wrote down that he was hearing voices even though when asked he said “no”
Taken to the psych hospital:
-anxiety and nervousness stiffened him up a bit, but with comfort from his brother, he calmed down a bit…
-when the family left the psych hospital, he seemed even more normal than how he acted at the ER, except he mentioned that he dreamt of dying in that very place
Day 2 of psych hospital:
-stiffened up, still no sleep.
-we were told that he was pacing around the hospital… probably at an extremely slow pace
Morning visit:
-seemed to have reverted back to an out of reality experience, but did respond to family… however his responses had slight delays…
Afternoon visit:
-we arrived to find that he was taken to the ER because his pulse shot up to 200+
ER visit:
-family to ER, doctors tried to give him meds to calm down, restrained him to bed because he was stiffening up and freaking out and the doctors thought that he was going to hurt them… but he began to calm down when he saw his family..
-they later gave him benadryl and atavan and a tranquilizer in an attempt to make him sleep… at first, he was fighting sleep. While he was still awake, they got a urine sample. A staff member from the psych hospital who was there to monitor threw away the sample “thinking that it was already tested”. He later slept for about 4 hrs… I believe he was also hooked up to an IV, but not positive…
-woke him up for ANOTHER urine sample and CAT scan
-while awake, he was anxious and delusional… most likely hallucinating because he was saying that he was doing things that he really wasn’t…
-once again calmed down once his family talked to him then he was given the same meds to calm him down from before
-he attempted to sleep but he would often wake up every few minutes while they were waiting for the test results from the urine sample
-when the test was finished he got the clear to return to the psych hospital

Day 5
-he was returned to the psych hospital
-When I visited him he was unable to walk w/o help, he trouble
eating, he was back was arched back, very tense, he kept his arms up (in a similar manner to a t rex), he was rigidly bobbing his head, when he tipped over his chair he was unable to help him self back up, he was mumbling to himself the same phrase over and over
-That night he stayed in the psych hospital

Day 6
-He was sent to the ER once again for another CAT scan
-he is going to get a spinal tap to check for brain infection
-afterwards, he was given something to calm him down… I’m not exactly sure what it was, but he got some sleep

Day 7
-spinal tap results came in negative… it did show that he had one extra pus cell
Due to the fact that we aren’t allowed inside until visiting hours, we do not know at this point what his current state is…

Asked by:bearr says gr X3

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