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Can I really trust him? Enough to love him?

Broad question:
How does a lion-tamer tame a male lion? Is it not possible without an injection of fear, temptation, or bribery?

Could you ponder that question a little…

Down to business – I’m not a crazy astronomy guru, but I do enjoy the concepts of the Western Zodiac…and I happen to be an Aries. But, I have a love interest that’s a Leo.

Now, a lion is the following;
-very social around women

But also;
-caring, gentle and compassionate

Enough of that astronomy stuff, here’s my crisis: Over the summer, I was playing Runescape (a well known MMORPG) and a guy on my friends’ list starts talking to me the first or second week of June ’08, and since then, I’ve fallen in love with the man, who I know as Brandon. Now I know, all concerns for a girl with online relationships and all, and one thing that really bugs me, is the very idea that all my work –since i’ve been “together” with Brandon, I’ve written many poems that alot of my friends and their parents enjoy reading, and the like. I’ve done many drawings over the summer that my peers praise aswell– has all been dreamed, considered, and dwelled upon over false feelings that don’t have a true foundation. I feel like I’ve dug myself in a hole and unable to find a way out. I don’t know if I can say I truely love him, because well, I’ve never met the guy in real life. And how it started off as, I wasn’t looking for a relationship, a very close girlfriend of mine and I had made a secret Boyfast, an extensive period of time where we wouldn’t have crushes, fall in love, get smitten, or the like. As immature as that sounds, it actually worked, since we saw eachother on a daily basis, it always was remembered and never broken. Brandon just happen to start talking to me, and we found we had a lot of common interest. For instance, 70s and 80s music preference over modern music. Music I guess was a big connection between the two of us. We recommended songs to eachother, songs we thought that the other should have a listen to. Along with the sharing of the titles and their respective artists, we talked about why we liked the particuliar song and connections we had to it. An example: the song Free Falling by Tom Petty, I adore that song and will forever, I have grown up with it and know the lyrics by heart.
Towards the end of June, we started talking on the phone. The first time we heard eachother, we got disconnected and he called back saying he dropped the phone when later he admitted, he was so shy he hung up timidly. For the rest of the summer, we constantly conversed over the phone, allowing us to listen to the background noise more. I’d been in my room most of the summer, and I constantly had my radio tuned in to the oldies rock station, and whenever a familiar song came on, like Free Falling, Land Down Under, or Africa came on, I’d blare it and he’d laugh then we’d continue more peacefully when I’d turn down the volume when the song had finished. But that was summer.
Now, as in present day, we never get the chance to talk on the phone, because of money trouble. So we rely on windows messenger to communicate. It’s cool and all, but how long can this be kept up? Also, at school during lunch, I sit with my old and very good friend Josh, and since he’s like a big brother to me I tend to listen to him more than I do to others. Lately, he’s been giving me constant reality checks when I’m trying to chug down my Turkey Hill Orange Tea, and they’re all sticking with me, like bubble gum. I quote from earlier today, “You have to wake up from your stupid daydream.” But…it’s the problem…
Do I want to wake up? no.
Am I scared to wake up? sort of.
Do I know I have to wake up? yes.
Do I want to let go of Brandon? NO.

Here’s my question, should I listen to the people around me and that I know I can trust, or do I take a risk and love someone over a thousand miles away?

Because…what if he’s not faking, and he’s really the one for me…
Ehh…I feel like I just stuffed a bunch of bull into that question…sorry if it’s confusing for people ><;; so sorry!

Asked by:Sage M

Why do we in the western world fervently pursue war criminals of other countries, but not our own ?

It is well known how we pursued the criminals of the Third Reich, having them tried and sentenced at Nuermburg, and many subsequently executed. Latter, the Weissenthal Foundation continues pursuing them and bringing them to trial.

Also, we pursue the accused criminals of Iraq under Saddam’s regime, not to mention the more recent war criminals of eastern Europe.

When it comes to our own servicemen that did the same, our own western Government’s fall into denial, cover-ups and propaganda claims.

Some examples…..

During World Wars one and two, it is referred to in numerous repeated anecdotes about some Australian soldiers executing prisoners. Two former Aussie soldiers who served in New Guinea during World War two openly said they executed Japanese prisoners as a matter of course. No Australian was ever charged or stood trial for these allegations.

There are anecdotes and historical references (including film footage) showing French citizens after the Germans retreated out of Paris, systematically rounding up other French citizens who had collaborated with the Germans and gunning them down and/or beating them to death without a trial.

There is an unproven, but widely reported claim that UN peace keepers in Somalia machine gunned refugees (who were unarmed), when they refused to move back from an aid station during food distribution.

In Afghanistan, and exposed in a French made documentary (banned from distribution in the US), of a US lead escort of Afghan prisoners being carried in shipping containers. The US official version is they containers were machine gunned, for the purpose of creating air holes to transport the prisoners. However, the witnesses say the prisoners were put in the containers, transported to a remote location and the containers were machine gunned with the prisoners inside. The documentary showed the mass grave (showing the gunned down bodies) which was pointed out to them by the witnesses who saw this event occur.




Consider also the war in Vietnam….
The My Lai perhaps being the only well known war crime by US personnel in Vietnam, but there were apparently many others…


QUOTE – “The articles further report that the Army’s inquiry concluded that eighteen U.S. soldiers committed war crimes ranging from murder and assault to dereliction of duty. However, not one of the soldiers, even of those still on active duty at the time of the investigation, was ever court martialed in connection with the heinous crimes. Moreover, six suspected war criminals were allowed to resign from military service during the criminal investigations specifically to avoid prosecution.

According to formerly classified Army documents, an investigation disclosed that from at least March 1968 through October 1969, “Vietnamese [civilian] detainees were subjected to maltreatment” by no less than twenty-three separate interrogators of the 172d Military Intelligence (MI) Detachment. ”

And these allegations….
* A November 1966 incident in which an officer in the Army’s Fourth Infantry Division, severed an ear from a Vietnamese corpse and affixed it to the radio antenna of a jeep as an ornament. The officer was given a non-judicial punishment and a letter of reprimand.

* An August 1967 atrocity in which a 13-year-old Vietnamese child was ***** by American MI interrogator of the Army’s 196th Infantry Brigade. The soldier was convicted only of indecent acts with a child and assault. He served seven months and sixteen days for his crime.

* A September 1967 incident in which an American sergeant killed two Vietnamese children — executing one at point blank range with a bullet to the head. Tried by general court martial in 1970, the sergeant pleaded guilty to, and was found guilty of, unpremeditated murder. He was, however, sentenced to no punishment.

* An atrocity that took place on February 4, 1968, just over a month before the My Lai massacre, in the same province by a man from the same division (Americal). The soldier admitted to his commanding officer and other men of his unit that he gunned down three civilians as they worked in a field. A CID investigation substantiated his confession and charges of premeditated murder were preferred against him. The soldier requested a discharge, which was granted by the commanding general of the American Division, in lieu of court martial proceedings.

* A series of atrocities similar to, and occurring the same year as, the “Tiger Force” war crimes in which one unit allegedly engaged in an **** of murder, **** and mutilation, over the course of several months.

Why is it that we pursue with such passion the war criminals of other countries, but not our own??
Are we hypocrites ?
If it was not obvious in what I posted, I wish to emphasize that the allegations against our own people committing war crimes, is alleged against an extreme minority. The vast majority of our servicemen served with honor and distinguish.

Asked by:Oz M

I am scared to fall in love again, what should i do?

If you take the time to read this,

up to this point in my life I have fallen deeply into love several times. And each time I have fallen head over heals for someone , I have always gotten myself heart broken. The first couple of times that i actually was able to establish a decent relationship with someone , I was ignored and lied to, I was used for *** in the worst way, rumors were spread about me that soon friends and family heard of , and to top it off after having every shread of dignity torn from me and left in shame ,I was called vulgarities and treated like a *****. Because of all this hurt I was eventually sent to the hospital due to an anxiety attack. All I ever wanted was to be loved back by somebody,but somehow in the tangled wires of life I was given just the opposite of that.

It has been about nine months since I have been intimately close with anybody , and it is strange how when your heart aches several times it hemorages and becomes like a stone that is less effected by the warm rays of what love has to offer.
.I have learned to enjoy my own company, although I must admit that sometimes I suffer from great ambivilence and lonlieness because I long for the warm touch of someone else’s arms around me, or the simple holding of someone else’s hand. In spite of these feelings that occur rarely, I usually am in control of myself and have somehow stumbled upon solace and small patchworks of happiness.

In one more month I will be moving to another location , and someone there desires a relationship with me, but I seem to be scared of falling in love again.

This person is very kind and understanding, but doubts fill my mind that he could perhaps be the very opposite of that. He could be a repetition of the drama I have already lived through, simply waiting to tear me apart limb to limb.Like the branches of a tree swaying back and forth by gusts of wind , I am left in dilema.

Six months can truly change a person. After these six months of getting myself back together I don’t know if I am ready to be knocked back down again. For the first time in years I can finally dance to the radio in my room , for the first time in years I can actually read a book sufficiently without the echos of my past tormenting my mind, for the first time in years I finally feel as if I have been freed from the metaphorical chains that held me down for what seemed like an eternity.

I want love in my life, but I am beginning to believe that after receiving anything but what I most desire, that perhaps I am simply not destined to have it.

I also fear myself . I am scared that if I choose to react somehow and voice my opinion I might stumble over my own shoelaces and ruin everything for myself. In my past relationships, if I ever asked them of anything or got emotional because I was ignored I was tossed to the side and ignored even further, or lied to for the sake of shutting me up.

I fear myself also because of my jealousy and imperfection. To tell you the truth , I have a slight envy towards this person that wants a relationship with me. Allow me to explain myself…
for my entire life I never had a father, he died before I was born . My mother was usually at work or searching for another soul mate , and whenever I tried to speak with her for guidence or care I was either ignored or yelled at. My family left me when I was 5 years old and I hardly get to speak with them , and I never was able to make many friends at school because I did not know the proper skills for the art of communication. Having lived a quiet , lonely life I envy people who got to have two parents that care for them dearly and support them through their trials. I have always envied friends from school who have families who love them and aquiantences who appreciate them for all of who they are. I envy people who got to grow up with all of that , because i have had to learn how to live my entire life without it .

I fear that this jealousy , and that this void inside of me might ruin everything for me. Perhaps even every human connection I ever have. I find myself to be like a statue doomed to be forever a frozen relic , cold and isolated.

there are several other facts i could confess but I only have 16 minutes of time remaining.

I am scared to fall in love again
and I do not know what to do

the past men were nothing like this one. Perhaps it may be different, he has actual goals for himself while the others had no motivations for life at all.

I simply do not know

all I wish is that i knew the answer

if wether or not , this is truly a chance worth taking

even if it leaves me heartbroken in the end

Thank you

Asked by:lembeeno

How do I deal with anonymous online strangers attacking me harshly enough to have an emotional breakdown?

I wrote this on a journal for a blog site:

The pressure I have to go through with new trends is that, I’m so poor that I don’t have the $$ to get all these “special” things. People bash me for listening to old music & watching old movies & TV shows. So when an old song (throwback joint) pops on the radio, I’m supposed to turn it off, right?
Also, something else:

As an adult, it’s a hard choice between being banned from renting from Enterprise Rent-a-Car, & getting wrongfully arrested because someone scammed me.

With the Enterprise situation, I was on my way to school (university), & she (my sister) locked me in the house ON PURPOSE, & thought it was funny. She’s a woman in her 40′s. So, I had to rush, but I wasn’t speeding. I panicked, & the car crashed. Now, they tell me I can’t rent from there for the rest of my life, just because she wanted to act retarded.

With the scam, I was trying to sell my camcorder online to have $$ to pay certain fees out of my tuition. & this guy posed as a female model & sent me $900 & wanted me to Western Union the $600 back, since I was selling it for $300. I didn’t know. & come to find out it was a fake check from a company that never existed. I went to cash the thing, & I got arrested & they were gonna make me serve 10 yrs. in FEDERAL prison for forgery. The cops here are racists. The natives here in Denton, TX are. Some of them, not all. In fact, I had to deal with a ****** bus driver. The cops didn’t have to take me to jail last yr.. They were supposed to take me to my house & let me show them the proof of the documentation.

Also, a guy sold me a broke car for $1,500. & come to find out, the car wasn’t legally in his name. No wonder he jetted off so fast!

OK: As a child, I had NUMEROUS wrongful punishments. OK. The former foster mom punished me from my high school Sr. prom that was the following May. It was the November before, even before Thanksgiving. She punished me for having a Tourette’s outburst. That’s not fair. All in all, I get wrongful punishments & abuse every day of my life, but these were the WORST! I’m 25 now.


This is how someone else responded. Well, a WHOLE bunch of people ganged up on me. They don’t even know the situation. & they didn’t even TRY to read thoroughly, what happened.

She said this:

ok….. you can NOT be serious….. How old were you for the check scam? I simply can not wrap my head around how a person can fall for that BULL****! Seriously! Did it ever occur to you that if YOU could cash her freakin check that SHE could cash it her damn self? It doesn’t even make sense. With all due respect – That doesn’t make the cops racist, it makes you a knucklehead!!! As for the lady locking you in the house…what kind of house only locks from the inside?? And you did NOT have to rush. You could have called the rental car place and told them you were gonna be late AND it’s not a crime to be late for school. Buying a car…. Did it occur to you to ask for ID and a TITLE???? Are you really this dumb? I assure you I’m TRYING not to say this in the meanest way I can think of (because you are leaving yourself WIDE OPEN!!!!!), but seriously… TAKE SOME RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR ACTIONS AND STOP LOOKING FOR OTHER PEOPLE TO BLAME. Everything you griped about was your own fault. Just take a minute to stop before you act…. We have ALL driven a rental car like it was stolen…but don’t blame someone when you wreck it because you were speeding and reckless. Thank your lucky stars you didn’t kill anyone (including yourself) and next time you rent a car PAY THE EXTRA MONEY FOR THE INSURANCE. It’s not because you’re…whatever race you are… it’s because you’re not thinking!!!! It’s one thing to feel bad for the dirty guy outside the store asking for money, but surely you knew the “model” could cash her own freaking check…. How does that even make sense. I feel like someone should save you from yourself.
I’m about to cry right now. My chest is hurting & tightening, I feel nauseated.
& I had FULL coverage insurance on that car, too.
The people took advantage of me having a mental problem, & they were discriminating. That’s why they told me I couldn’t rent anymore. & yes, I did have FULL coverage insurance on that rental car.
Obviously people here aren’t reading the details carefully. Midnight, I said that I panicked. I did NOT speed!

Asked by:Candy Cane

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